Monday, August 1, 2011

First thing first Harry Potter Dobby 3/4 vinyl Child's Mask

Rubie's Costume Co 4699

I'm 19 and got this mask for a HP themed party, it was a good size and i loved it but there were some problems. The strap that keeps the mask on broke rather quickly, but this can easily be fixed with a stapler or if you are out of a staples like i was then you can just string it through the ear hole and make a double knot. The other problem was the eye holes, for some reason the designer made them too low and to be able to see you have to tilt your head up and look down, but this is also easily remedied if you just take scissors and caught out the pupils of the ... Rubie's Costume Co 4699 Haven't you Rubie's Costume Co 4699 always wanted a house elf? Now you can become one yourself in Rubie's Costume Co 4699 this Rubie's Costume Co 4699 Officially Licensed latex Dobby mask. Made from vinyl For ages 4 to 12 years ... »» Read more...

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