Monday, August 1, 2011

Best price Wizard of Oz Dorothy's Toto in a Basket

Rubie's Costume Co 583

Immediately after I opened this item, I was so upset that I wrote a review within 5 minutes. Perhaps really negative reviews are deleted, because that review is now gone!!! I found the quality of the basket to be completely unacceptable. The basket was already falling apart, straight out of the box. I don't imagine we could have made it through a single one of the parties that my daughter needed to attend. The dog didn't look one bit like Toto, it looked more like a gray cat.So despite feeling like we were "all set" for our Halloween party on the Sunday before Halloween, I had to drop everything on Saturday afternoon and run out and ... Toto Rubie's Costume Co 583 stands Rubie's Costume Co 583 approximately 6.5" from ground to top of head (excluding ears) Basket is made of natural wood fiber Rubie's Costume Co 583 Toto is faux fur. Completes your Dorothy costume Approximately 9" tall, 6.5" wide Rubie's Costume Co 583 and 4" deep ... »» Read more...

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