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Top Ten Halloween Costumes 2009,Twilight, Lady Gaga, OctoMom

Still don't know what your going as for Halloween? Well Threadbanger is here to give u some suggestions and fill ya in on the years biggest costumes.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

In Character Costumes, LLC Boys 8-20 Grave Robber Jacket Set, Black/White, Medium

Incharacter 170328 In Character Costumes, LLC Boys 8-20 Grave Robber Jacket Set, Black/White, Medium

In Character Costumes, LLC Boys 8-20 Grave Robber Jacket Set, Black/White, Medium Incharacter 170328, Price: $49.99 - Sometimes you gotta travel with your friends across the woods to see a dead body and sometimes you just gotta dig up a dead body. The Lord helps those who help themselves and Grave Robber Costume is that maxim in motion. I don't know why he's digging up dead bodies. Maybe it's a voodoo thing, maybe he works for a university in a country that doesn't allow autopsies, maybe he's trying to help the newly minted dead out of their tombs, maybe he's just a weirdo. It doesn't matter, just as long as the guy in Grave Robber Costume knows! 170328 Incharacter...Continue reading for In Character Costumes, LLC Boys 8-20 Grave Robber Jacket Set, Black/White, Medium

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Monday, August 1, 2011

Do you want to buy Storytime Wishes Snow White Costume, Small

Rubie's Costume Co 882071S

I was very impressed with this dress. We ordered two dress up dresses for our daughter's 6th birthday. This was the cheaper one but the quality is superior to the Cinderella dress that we bought from another vendor.The size does run pretty big, this is definitely NOT a small. Our daughter wears size 5/6 clothes moving into 6/6X and this is big on her. The dress is wide and I'll need to take it in to make it fit without falling off her shoulders. The length is perfect and reaches just above the floor, longer than shown in the photo. I don't need to worry about her growing out of this for a long time.The dress includes the cape and ... With this Child Snow White Costume your child can live Rubie's Costume Co 882071S out her own fairy tale and meet Rubie's Costume Co 882071S her Prince Charming! Costume includes dress with attached Rubie's Costume Co 882071S cape. Inspire imaginative play with a costume from Rubies Child's size Small fits Rubie's Costume Co 882071S 44" tall and 25" waist ... »» Read more...

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This product Child's Pink Mermaid Costume - Small

Rubie's Costume 882720S

My daughter wears a 4-5, so I thought that the small size would work for her. It is a little long for her, she has to pick up the tail to walk without tripping. She loves it though. She tends to just sit in it, and flap her feet under the tail. :-) To me, the picture makes the costume look overly shiny, and with something weird happening around the waist, but in person it was fine.1 of 1 people found the following review helpful. This original costume design will have her singing in the sea! Rubie's Costume 882720S Includes polyester Pink dress with shell ands starfish design Soft Mermaid fins at feet hide your Rubie's Costume 882720S human Rubie's Costume 882720S shoes The attached wrist Rubie's Costume 882720S bands create a flow of pink magic Size Small fits youth 44" to 48" with waist 25" to 26" It is a type of fin skirt ... »» Read more...

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Where to find Indiana Jones Child's Deluxe Indiana Jones Costume, Medium

Rubie's Costume Co 883126M

The only reason for 2 stars is the sheer enjoyment my son has gotten from this very poorly made costume. It is very cheap and nasty - yet the price does not reflect the cheap quality. As I said the 2 stars are for entertainment value only, for longevity I would not recommend this at all!See all 14 customer reviews... Sword, belt, satchel, Rubie's Costume Co 883126M whip and Rubie's Costume Co 883126M shoes not included This is an officially licensed Indiana Rubie's Costume Co 883126M Jones costume. Includes: Jacket with attached shirt, pants and hat Also includes pants and Indy's signature hat Child's size Medium fits up Rubie's Costume Co 883126M to 54" tall and 27" waist ... »» Read more...

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This Star Wars Child's Deluxe Jedi Knight Costume, Small

Rubie's Costume Co 882016S

Ordered the Jedi Knight Qui-Gon Jinn Deluxe Child Costume for son for Christmas. Based on the measurements provided, I purchased a size medium. It runs very large and my son was swimming in it. It is the usual costume quality, nothing fancy. Also, purchased Darth Vader costume for my daughter and again, it ran very large and I have tall children.1 of 1 people found the following review helpful. COSTUME SIZEHEIGHTWAIST SMALL44-48"25-26" MEDIUM50-54"27-30" LARGE56-60"31-34" Availability: products generally ship in 1 business Rubie's Costume Co 882016S day, but during the holiday season, please allow extra shipping time This Star Wars child Jedi Knight costume includes: tunic with attached shirt, pants with attached Rubie's Costume Co 882016S boot tops and belt Child's size Small fits up to 48" tall and 25" Rubie's Costume Co 882016S waist Also includes pants with attached boot tops Rubie's Costume Co 882016S and belt ... »» Read more...

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Cheapest Premium Rabbit White Bunny Costume

Rubie's Costume Co 69002

One Size Fits Rubie's Costume Co 69002 Most A great Halloween or Easter costume! You're sure to steal the show Rubie's Costume Co 69002 in this white Premium Rabbit Suit Rubie's Costume Co 69002 Other features include: hand covers, over-sized feet, and a plush body This is a great Halloween costume Rubie's Costume Co 69002 item! ... »» Read more...

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How to get Dragon Ninja Weapon Backpack Weapon Set

Rubie's Costume Co 6672

My 6 yr old son decided he would be a ninja this Halloween, so these swords and "backpack" were a definite must-have. They are, as expected, very plastic and probably won't last beyond this fall. But, you can't put a price on something that completes a boy's dream... even if it's just for one season. The straps were a little too long. I had to loop them around so the extra length wouldn't hang over his legs. Now let's just hope he won't poke his little sister's eyes out before October ends.See all 6 customer reviews... The set includes: Four (4) weapon back pack with attached straps, Two (2) Rubie's Costume Co 6672 Ninja Swords, Two (2) Ninja Rubie's Costume Co 6672 Knives. Inspire imaginative play Rubie's Costume Co 6672 Rubie's Costume Co 6672 with a costume from Rubies Accessories complete the look ... »» Read more...

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How to get Indiana Jones Accessory Kit

Rubie's Costume Co 5263

Well made and alot of fun. My little boy spends hours in costume. The whip is very soft (made of foam) which is great! Hat fit his head perfectly! For the price this was the best deal out there.See all 7 customer reviews... Indiana Jones Blister Kit for boys instantly transforms you to Rubie's Costume Co 5263 Indiana Jones! Rubie's Costume Co 5263 Indiana Jones costume kit includes shirt, hat and whip Snakes, I hate snakes! Get ready for adventure on Halloween Rubie's Costume Co 5263 with Indiana Jones and join in the search for the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull One Size Fits Most Children. Also includes hat and Rubie's Costume Co 5263 whip Shirt can be hand washed and dried flat ... »» Read more...

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Best price Wizard of Oz Dorothy's Toto in a Basket

Rubie's Costume Co 583

Immediately after I opened this item, I was so upset that I wrote a review within 5 minutes. Perhaps really negative reviews are deleted, because that review is now gone!!! I found the quality of the basket to be completely unacceptable. The basket was already falling apart, straight out of the box. I don't imagine we could have made it through a single one of the parties that my daughter needed to attend. The dog didn't look one bit like Toto, it looked more like a gray cat.So despite feeling like we were "all set" for our Halloween party on the Sunday before Halloween, I had to drop everything on Saturday afternoon and run out and ... Toto Rubie's Costume Co 583 stands Rubie's Costume Co 583 approximately 6.5" from ground to top of head (excluding ears) Basket is made of natural wood fiber Rubie's Costume Co 583 Toto is faux fur. Completes your Dorothy costume Approximately 9" tall, 6.5" wide Rubie's Costume Co 583 and 4" deep ... »» Read more...

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See this Super DC Heroes Deluxe Muscle Chest Superman Child's Costume

Rubie's Costume Co 882626s

My son just turned four and LOVES superman. He was so excited when we got this costume! Overall, it's pretty cute. He says he feels super strong with the built-in muslces, and has been running all over the house saving the day.Pros: It seems fairly well made. My son has been wearing it around the house for a few days now, and I see no seem issues. Cons: The sizing is a little off in our case. My son is tall for his age, and though this costume says small is for four to six year olds, there are a couple of inches hanging off of the boots - seems way too ... Includes cape, jumpsuit, boot tops Does Rubie's Costume Co 882626s not include shoes This is the officially licensed SUPERMAN Rubie's Costume Co 882626s TM costume. Look for the other members Rubie's Costume Co 882626s of the Justice Rubie's Costume Co 882626s League. This is an officially licensed SUPERMAN™ costume, ¿ DC Comics. ... »» Read more...

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This cool Star Wars Child's Hooded Jedi Robe, Small

Rubie's Costume Co 882024S

If you are like me and my wife: no time to buy fabric and make it yourself, then this is what you will get. A ready made robe for your young Jedi that is made of the same fabric stockings are made of. Quality is definitely not synonymous with this item. I feel bad though. For writing all bad about this product though. We got 4 good trick or treat events in October out of it. But I must say the threads are showing and unraveling. It has a sort of runs in a pantyhose look now and it served its purposes.13 of 16 people found the following review helpful. Wear the robe of the Jedi Knight Rubie's Costume Co 882024S to show your commitment to help in the battle for peace and justice throughout the universe! Rubie's Costume Co 882024S Officially licensed Rubie's Costume Co 882024S Star Wars accessory Be Rubie's Costume Co 882024S a Jedi Knight in this new edition Jedi Robe ... »» Read more...

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Helpful reviews Star Wars Child's Darth Vader Costume, Small

Rubie's Costume Co 882009S

The costume was nicely made and didnt tear like most costumes do on the first day. The mask was the only slight disappointment as it seemed a bit small for the costume but otherwise it was cute.2 of 2 people found the following review helpful. Darth Vader's lightsaber and gloves are sold separately This is an officially licensed STAR WARS Rubie's Costume Co 882009S Revenge Rubie's Costume Co 882009S of the Sith costume. Star Wars Episode III - Return of the SithOur Darth Vader costume comes in child sizes small, medium Rubie's Costume Co 882009S and large Officially Rubie's Costume Co 882009S Licensed Star Wars costume Hard plastic Darth Vader mask ... »» Read more...

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I just got Harry Potter Deluxe Costume

Rubie's Costume Co 884255M

After reading all of the reviews for Harry Potter gear for the kids, I was expecting a shabby piece of cloth with spray paint on it. Perhaps expecting the worst made getting a nice, high-quality item that much better. And the bottom line is that the robe made my daughter amazingly happy. She wore it for days as she watched the movies a few more times than sanity should allow for. It looks the part and made her warm on the inside and outside. It does exactly what a kid's costume item should do.2 of 2 people found the following review helpful. Including Harry's signature black robe with clasp, this Harry Potter Costume is the perfect Halloween Costume for the avid Rubie's Costume Co 884255M Harry Potter fan! This Child Deluxe Harry Potter Costume Rubie's Costume Co 884255M will make your child into the famed Rubie's Costume Co 884255M wizard! Diehard fans of the Harry Potter series Rubie's Costume Co 884255M might start using a British accent once they slip on this Harry Potter Costume Officially licensed Harry Potter costume This is an officially licensed Harry Potter™ costume. ... »» Read more...

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